Presentation of the project

The aim of the project is to develop a model for a uniform European  vocational training course in massage for people who are visually impaired, with the emphasis being on entrepreneurship, including taking vocational tests to receive certification. The project is to take place over 36 months. The model for the training, comprising 60 study-weeks, is to be planned, realized and evaluated in collaboration with representatives of training centres for visually impaired people as well as with representatives from associations for people who are visually impaired and representatives from working life.

The knowledge base and sphere of activity for the massage profession will be clearly defined and strengthened. In addition, since it crosses boundaries, uniform training courses make possible an increased understanding of the masseur profession in various countries and promotes international co-operation. The training gives an increased equality as regards competition and establishment in working life. New opportunities for employment are created by possessing proficiency in the English language. The model for the masseur training can be put into practice in European countries.

The primary target groups in the project:

a) visually impaired people in various countries (disadvantaged groups) who wish to obtain a vocational qualification for masseurs
b) instructors within the field of masseur training in the various countries which are represented in the project
c) interest organisations for the visually impaired
d) representatives of working life in the project